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Involving your whole body means harnessing your emotions.

The emotions are very powerful tools because they connect directly with the unconscious and form synapses, like a real programme.

The author discusses the mantra and the empowered mantra, and the reprogramming of the unconscious, and the intuition. He treats these themes in a clear, original and easily understandable way, providing the reader with food for reflection and ways to improve and grow.


Would you like to add extra power to your mantras, and achieve your desires and goals much faster? Nothing easier: follow me!

To turbo-charge a mantra or speed up its action and increase its effectiveness, you have to involve your whole body while you recite your empowering phrase.

Involving your whole body means harnessing your emotions. The emotions are very powerful tools because they connect directly with the unconscious and form synapses, like a real programme.


All emotions are unconscious, automatic programmes, triggered instinctively. Every instinct is an unconscious programme. Every habit is an unconscious programme. Every belief is an unconscious programme. Every emotion is an unconscious programme!

What does this mean? It means that our emotions are good and ready in our limbic system (or midbrain) and activate as soon as the need arises. Emotions are neural networks!

A mantra operates when it becomes an unconscious programme, i.e. when it becomes part of the unconscious memory (or just the unconscious). If you wish to make a mantra into an unconscious programme – namely a belief or something you believe in absolutely – you can do it in three possible ways:

  1. Through repetition
  2. Through the emotions and repetition
  3. Through hypnosis.

While emotions are more or less immediate – depending on their intensity – because they are neural networks present in the human body since the dawn of time, repetitions are slower because they tend to activate something that does not exist in our brains. However, they are just as effective. We acquire a practical skill by repetition (or training exercises).

To become expert and efficient in any field, we have to practise and repeat. A result can only be achieved through practice: that is to say, through repetition and training. Luck does not enter into it: skills can only be acquired through constant repetition.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”.(Aristotle)


We are skilled at the things we do every day, and we are hopeless at those we do for the first time, or rarely. Many brilliant young people, even graduates, struggle badly when they start a new activity. They do not realise that you have to be very humble and patient when you embark on a new job or field of study!

Do you remember something that happened when you were a little child? Of course you do. Why?

Because you were emotionally involved. So if you want to programme your unconscious quickly, you need to be emotionally involved.

I remember a time when I was 4 or 5 years old, and my sister, who was 4 years older than me, took me to the toy shop to buy me a wooden toy on wheels: “Pulcinella banging cymbals”. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough money for the toy and couldn’t buy it. I cried terribly. That’s why I still remember that day so vividly! (If I could find that toy now, I would buy it straight away, but I have never seen it anywhere!)

The empowered mantra involves the entire body. But how do you involve your whole body in reciting a mantra?

Although the Zingarelli and Encarta dictionaries give different derivations, I believe that the verb “emozionarsi” (to get excited or emotional) is more literally connected (via the prefix “emo”) to “a rush of blood”.


Some examples will make this clear. Just think of a shy person who turns red as a tomato when he feels strong emotion: the blood rushes to his face causing dilation of the capillaries.

Then think of a person who looks deathly pale: the blood has literally drained from his face as a result of terror!

And once again: sudden anger is so powerful that it makes the blood course through one’s veins.

So it is quite clear: when we feel emotion, the cardiovascular system is involved and therefore the entire body.

Fear makes us feel agitated, while calm reassures us. All this involves our breathing, which becomes rapid when we are afraid and slow when we are calm.

If we are emotionally involved when we recite our mantra we are using our whole body, and so our unconscious self.

Emotions such as anger, fear, calm, envy, jealousy, resentment, hatred, selfishness, gratitude, happiness and unhappiness, sorrow – indeed all our instincts and feelings – are expressions of the subconscious, or more specifically the limbic system or midbrain.

Emotion is the body’s response to a given thought.

Emotion or sensation reinforces the thought, and is the message sent by our body to our thinking mind.

For example, we freeze when we are afraid because we do not know how to deal with the danger (we lack the experience and knowledge). On the other hand, the bomb squad or firefighters know how to react in dangerous situations thanks to their training, and are not impeded by fear.


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